FIRST TRAINING (Pty.) Ltd. (FT) t/a

STANDING Terms And Conditions OF SALE (T&C).


APRIL 2024

The following T&Cs of sale are deemed irrevocably accepted in full, upon being made available by FT by any mean of transmission during the offer, order, or negotiation process, unless formal objection/s is made to FT in writing and settled prior to the order or payment being done.


  1. Formal booking is essential prior to the commencement of the program, as advertised or negotiated.
  2. Formal booking is by means of payment of the course fee quoted.
  3. Cancellation or withdrawal of delegate/s is possible prior to commencement of the program in accordance with our “money back” policy.
  4. The program is made of three modules, lessons within the modules, and 10 assignments in total to be completed before certification of competence can be earned. Assignments are marked as they are submitted and notified to the participants.  60/100 is pass rate.
  5. Once enrolled participants will purchase the three modules. If purchased one at the time, eligibility to the following module is earned after having successfully completed the previous module and its prescribed assignments.
  6. Each module is comprised of weekly live tutoring with Q&A sessions, which shall be scheduled and notified to participants.
  7. The program delivery method is strictly virtual. Group in-person full or part-time classes can be arranged by prior agreement with FT.
  8. FPMI recommend membership subscription. Members will benefit from periodical updates and news.
  9. Comprehensive T&C of service will be transmitted prior to commencement of virtual training method for participants to checklist compliance with the technical requirements.
  10. Program content may change at the sole discretion of FPMI management, without prior notice.
  11. The whole program is protected by international “Copyright” regulations. Reproduction in any form whatsoever is prohibited under any circumstances, except if it is either required by law, or the permission is granted by the author in writing.
  12. Graphics and logos are protected by international “Trademark” laws.
  13. Subscribers do accept to abide by a Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) form appended herein.
  14. Subscribers do accept cookies by clicking the box before entering the website.
  15. FT or FPMI are not responsible for the consequence of any failure, and/or any loss whatsoever, that participants may encounter during their own practice of project management.
  16. Cost of each module US$ 500-00.
  17. Cost of membership per year US$ 50-00.

By Management